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We know your dog isn’t the only one who enjoys a treat now and then. That’s why we packed our blog with all kinds of helpful tips and treats for you. Go ahead and check them out!

Start With the Treats!!!

At New Leash on Life Mindful Dog Training, we teach rewarding the behaviors we want, ignoring the behaviors we don’t want, and teaching the skills; the verbs ex; name, sit,…... Read Article

They Change Us If We Let Them!!!!

Many books have been written on the healing powers of animals. We assume that the healing only refers to physical ailments like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Attention Deficit, Depression and many…... Read Article

Holiday Stress and Your Pup

Yes it’s that time of year. Decorating for the house, hours of holiday shopping, wrapping presents, posing for Shutterfly pictures, parties, baking cookies and the list goes on and on.…... Read Article

Welcome to Our New Home on the Web!

Snuggle Up to New Leash on Life At New Leash on Life, we’re passionate about providing our clients and their beloved dogs with the very best training available. We also…... Read Article