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Brookdale Pet Center - 1054 Broad Street Bloomfield NJ 973-893-0990
Brookdale Pet Center has every brand I will ever suggest whether it be kibble, canned, freeze dried or straight from the freezer! They have a full selection of not only foods but bones, chews, toys and equipment such as harnesses and leashes. Better yet if they don't have it they will get it for you!!!! Think BIG shop SMALL. They also deliver. My go to place.

The Honest Kitchen - Pet food made from healthy human grade whole foods that make a positive difference to pet health and well being.

www.drharveys.com - Dr. Harvey offers food, supplements and more … my favorite is the Veg to Bowl!

Vetri Science - Produces the purest most reliable products to meet to meet the exacting standards of today's veterinarians and canine and feline owners.

Mikes Feed Farm - Located in Riverdale New Jersey. Mike Goldsmith is the Papa Bear of Holistic Retail for Pets in New Jersey. When in doubt go to Mikes!

Chewy.com - Where pet lovers shop. Free 1-2 days shipping on orders over $49.

Corrado’s Pet Market - Besides being the home to our training facility. Corrado’s Pet market in both Clifton and Wayne offer the best prices in the highest quality pet foods.

Montclair Feed - for those in the Montclair Area Joel offers some excellent choices in Holistic Pet Supplies and Feed.

Active Herb - The No. 1 place Americans shop Chinese herbs.

www.onlynaturalpet.com one stop shop for holistic care of your dog.

Bull sticks are a favorite past time for our dogs. This website offers the avid bullstick purchaser to save subsantially. While they must be purchased in bulk the savings is worth it!



Thundershirts - The thundershirt is a great tool to help a dog cope with anything and everything that causes deep anxiety. Used by Vets, TTouch Practitioners, Trainers and all of us who have a dog with behavior issues due to fear

www.horsecreations.com –custom outerwear for your dog

www.dogmuzzle.com - Perfect for the injured pet.  The safest muzzle for dogs in need.

www.petexpertise.com – The Freedom No-Pull Harness design minimizes or eliminates pulling, neck strain, and the chance of escape.

Clean Run - on line shopping for the serious dog owner. From light reflectors for your car to collapsible bowls. They have the best in what you did not know you needed! But do!



APDT- Association of Pet Dog Trainers is an organization that promotes positive dog training and provides excellent training for dog trainers nationally.

CCPDT - Council for Certified Pet Dog Trainers sets the highest standards for dog trainers in the industry. You will find us there!

ASPCA - American society for the prevention of cruelty to animal. Click on pet care for poison control information.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Program testing provides the opportunity to make sure that the behaviors trained are strong enough to endure the social environment. Check our schedule for the next CGC testing opportunity!

http://iaabc.org/ IAABC- International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. The goals of the IAABC were to standardize and support the practice of companion animal behavior consulting, while providing resources for pet owners needing advice.

Progressive Reinforcement Training Manifesto



Tawzer Dog www.tawzerdog.com - Instructional and informational training videos that can be rented or purchased.

Whole Dog Journal www.whole-dog-journal.com A monthly periodical covering all things dog, from nutrition, training behavior modification to toy testing and much much more!

Dog Food Analysis www.dogfoodanalysis.com Your dog food site for ratings and information on all dry dog foods.

Dog Wise www.dogwise.com The Barnes and Noble for dogs. Titles include works on individual breeds, activities, health and nutrition. The stuff you can’t find anywhere else!



The Vet at the Barn - located in Chestnut Ridge New York (seconds from New Jersey) is a full service Veterinary Practice offering both traditional and holistic care for our companion animals.

Three Rivers Holistic Veterinary Services www.NJHolisticVet.com excellent staff extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Johanson is a treasure.

Smith Ridge - The nation's largest practice offering an integrative approach to veterinary care.

VERG - Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group - Raymond G Prata, DVM. Your go to veterinarian for neurosurgery and orthopedics.



T Touch - Tellington Touch created by Linda Tellington Jones is a modality using both touch and groundwork to assist our companion animals in getting focused, back into balance and more confident in their experience of life. Check it out!

Aldaron Animal Essences- www.aldaronessences.com Bach Flower formulas specific to your dogs special needs.



Montclair Pet Grooming - MPG's staff are experienced in all breeds of dog, large and small. Even the most spa phobic dogs will have a pleasant experience here.



Pet travel www.dpethotels.com Traveling with our dogs is always a life stretcher. Find pet friendly accommodations across the country.


People are Saying

"If there are no dogs in heaven then when I die I want to go where they went" - Will Rogers

Dogs go to heaven


"The knowledge she portrayed, the understanding of how a dog thinks and acts, and the respect shown to the animals and human was unprecedented in my opinion."

Itching Pups


"We have continued learning about our puppy, assisting him in his development, mastering important skills, and solidifying our bond with him."



"Dogs wait for us faithfully" Marcus Tullius Cicero

Sitting Black Dog