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Give Your Best Friend a New Leash on Life

From the earliest recordings of civilization the canine has been the first domesticated animal serving mankind as a protector, transportation, guide dog for the blind, messenger, carrier of vital medicine and most of all as a loving companion. Unfortunately because of their trusting nature they have, over the years, been abused and misused by some people as a product strictly for financial gain and others as a fight to the death sport. It is my vision that the future of all canines through education and action be breed, rescued and cared for in the most humane manner equal to the noble purposes to which they have established themselves in society. With my deepest appreciation I ask you to join me in repaying our debt of gratitude to our canines, dogs, mans/womens/childrens BEST FRIENDS.

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Services We Offer

At New Leash on Life LLC, we offer progressive reinforcement training for dogs of all levels of experience, ages 2 months to 20 plus years. We teach you to read and speak "dog" and your dogs to read and respond to "you" resulting in clear communication and trust between you and your dog. In addition to Basic Training we offer Holistic Care Coaching, Nutrition Counseling, Behavior Modification and TTouch. All of our services are found in Bergen, Essex Passaic County NJ